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Friday, June 16, 2006

AutoBio: progressyouth

Due to concerns about my privacy, I will not reveal my real identity. I was born in downtown Washington DC 18 years ago, and grew up in the Northern Virginia suburbs. For the last four years, I attended Sidwell Friends School, in Northwest DC. Next year, I will attend Wheaton College in Massachusetts ; I plan to major in Political Science.

I describe my political views as liberal, though some might consider me more of a libertarian. Some of the issues I feel particularly strongly about are legislative and voting reform, environmental reform, gay marriage (I support gay marriage), and abortion (I am pro-choice). I am an atheist of Jewish ancestry who supports Israel.

I come from a Washington family: Most of the members of my immediate and many members of my extended family are current or former lobbyists, advisors, or government employees. However, I will not reveal which organizations they worked for or work for due to my privacy concerns.

My only current political activity is my involvement with the Jim Webb for US Senate campaign. I worked the phone bank during the Democratic Primary (wherein Webb ran against longtime Democrat Harris Miller in one of the most confusing turnouts to happen in politics this year). I have been told that my support will be needed in the coming months, and I look forward to helping defeat George Allen (R-VA). At Sidwell, I was a member of the Debate Team in the Washington-Arlington Catholic Forensics League (WACFL).

I plan to have other young voters post on this blog, so stay tuned!

Update: I am once again a phone bank volunteer for the Webb campaign.


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