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Monday, June 19, 2006

"Crazy Like a Moron"

Firstly, I would point out why this is a bad ad for any demographic, but that has been done for me by Josh Marshall, his reader "JH," and his blog - one which I discovered last night- Talking Points Memo. First, click the image to the left to see the ad, and then check out the blog entry here.

...But this is a particularly bad ad to market to young people. Keep in mind, this is not a TV ad, this was on the internet. I don't think I would raise any objections by saying that the average age of people who see political ads on the internet, indeed people who actually use the internet, are younger than people who do so on TV.

And this is a problem, as young voters will not respond well to this ad. Why? Weicker is a bygone. Weicker hasn't served in office since 1995, when some voters were as young as 11. Moreover, Weicker served as governor during an administration in which more Americans had confidence in their government and in their future. I would also like to speak on behalf of 18 year-old people everywhere in saying that this ad creeps me out. This comes off as a very negative attack from an incumbent, someone who shouldn't be stooping down to this level. This phenomenom is exacerbated in the minds of young people by the fact that Lieberman is an authority figure. I would suggest that because young peoples' minds are less "institutionalized," they are less affected by the power of authority figures. Cartoonish advertising would aggravate (as in the antonym of "extenuate") this effect.

This is not merely off-the-mark advertising for the Lieberman campaign, several blogs more widely renowned and respected than this one such as TPM and DailyKos have said that this ad will backfire. Go now and see why:

Talking Points Memo

More Information:

Hartford Courant: "Lamont Tagged by 'Bear' Spot"


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I should point out that I have almost as much scorn for Lamont as I do for Lieberman

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