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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Intoductory Diary Post on Raising Kaine

Crossposted from Raising Kaine (URL: http://www.raisingkaine.com/showDiary.do?diaryId=3237):

Though I was born in downtown DC, I have lived my whole life thus far in the great city of Alexandria, VA. My life as a blogger started two weeks ago, when I met TeacherKen (who posts here frequently) at the Webb campaign in Rosslyn the day of the primary. The following day, I sent TeacherKen an e-mail about young voters and voter apathy (he is a high-school teacher of government, among other classes). He posted his response to my e-mail as a diary post on DailyKos and Raising Kaine. I was intrigued by his response, and I decided to make the discussion into a blog of its own.

...Thus, I would like to share my opinion, as an 18-year old voter, on how the Webb campaign can utilize younger voters to declare victory over George Allen. Here is what I think is important with regards to all young voters:

Before I mention anything, let me direct your attention to the fact that this demographic has the fastest growing voter turnout (up 4.6 million between Bush/Gore and Bush/Kerry), and is becoming increasingly liberal (48% Gore - 46% Bush/55% Gore - 44% Bush, Source USA Today).

1. Campaign on the issues that young voters experience on a daily basis. The best one: Education. Rep. Pelosi in the Democratic Weekly Radio Address this week announced the Democratic Party’s intent to lower rates on student loans. The Democratic Party now needs to advertise this message to the college-aged demographic.

2. Make Clear to Young Voters the Extent to which the Leaders in Washington are Destroying America for the Next Generation. When my generation reaches maturity, we will wake up to find a big mess, to say the least. Social security will be on its way into bankruptcy or already there, an inconceivable budget deficit will leave our government in huge debt to other nations and entities, and rising global temperatures will threaten the human species like no other challenge in recorded history. These problems are fixable! And they are fixable right now! But they will not be fixed with this conservative Congress, which provides lavish lifestyles for its rich constituents at my expense.

Republicans would say that my approach to young voter apathy is fear-mongering. To this I say that it’s about time people my age became afraid, as budget deficits threaten the future wellbeing of the economy and the American government with inexpressible magnitude and global warming has this Earth spiraling headlong towards unprecedented global catastrophe. Youthful intervention is this nation’s, indeed this world’s, only salvation.

Now, here is my list for young voters of Virginia:

1. Galvanize the Universities: Virginia has some of the best universities in the US, if not the world. The people who attend these institutions are recieving incredible educations, and if any demographic should know the stakes of current national and global political affairs, it should be the college-aged demographic in Virginia. Plus, most of these universities are located within Republican turf. The Democrats need to work with Democratic student leaders within these institutions.

2. Warner!: The political memories of the voters in my demographic is extremely short. Democrats can take advantage of this because average Virginians do not have particularily unfavorable views of Warner's governorship. I do not need to emphasize this point, as Warner's voice will be utilized in Webb's campaign. To what extent remains to be seen...

If you would like more discussion about young voters, I encourage you (or shamelessly advertise to you) to visit my blog, www.progressyouth.blogspot.com/


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