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Friday, June 23, 2006

Webb Campaign Rolling Again!

Two days ago, I received a call by a senior Jim Webb for Senate volunteer asking me to clarify some answers I had hastily put down on a campaign volunteer form. It was encouraging, a week after the primary. We're on the move!

Today I recieved the following e-mail:

Parade and Show Your Support for Jim Webb!

When: July 4th

Where: Downtown Fairfax City

Meeting Place: Behind the Massey Building **

Time: 6 am to help with the float and balloons

Time: 10 am to join the parade

We need lots of volunteers to parade, cheer, wave flags, give out balloons, and in general have a really good time while showing your support for Jim Webb. We will march behind the Fairfax City Democratic Committee float. This is a fun activity for all ages, so bring family and friends and join in.

Please RSVP to: [Don’t want to post another person’s information on the internet, contact me at progressyouth.gmail.com]

** Detailed directions to parade site and float building site to follow

I encourage all of you to volunteer to defeat George Allen!

In case you have not heard of my involvement in the Webb campaign, check out my biography post


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