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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

"Welcome to the Peoples' Republic of Kentucky"

...Kudos to the young lady for ruining the photo-op.

Ladies and gentlemen, you are looking at one of the scummiest politicians in America, Gov. Fletcher of Kentucky. (He's the big one who's not wearing shorts.)

It's bad enough that Fletcher has been indicted by three separate grand juries for firing protected state employees and putting lobbyists and Republican cronies in their places, but Fletcher has upped the scum-factor to an unconstitutional level.

The Republican governor has blocked several high-profile, left-wing blogs on all state-employee computers. NOT right-wing blogs, just left-wing blogs.

Here is a list of some of the blogs blocked on Kentucky state computers:

Originally, probably in an effort to make Fletcher's crackdown on First-Amendment Rights to look slightly legal, the administration had blocked some conservative blogs. Today, according to Bluegrass Report, this policy was reversed to allow state employees to view the regressive Bluegrass Policy Blog. Moreover, other conservative blogs and sites such as Drudge Report, Rush Limbaugh, or Hot Air, (just to name a few) were never blocked.

This site will heavily criticize agendas designed to impede free speech on the internet, as this is the main information medium for the youth of America. One issue that I promise to discuss soon is Net Neutrality, which must be preserved.

Gov. Fletcher appears to be losing his reelection race according to Bluegrass Report, which says, "a new statewide poll commissioned by the Republican Party shows that a 2007 contest for governor between our indicted Governor Fletcher (R) and Rep. Ben Chandler (D) is a blow-out:

Chandler (D) -- 55%
Fletcher (R) -- 28%"

...There maybe sunshine after the storm.

More Information on "The Great Kentucky Blog Banning:"

Bluegrass Report (best coverage of this)
"Political Blogs Off-Limits for State Workers" - Kentucky Courier-Journal

More Information on The Fletcher Proceedings:

"Fletcher Legal Fund Ruling Sought" - Kentucky Courier-Journal (Clink links on right for past coverage)


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