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Monday, July 31, 2006

Update #2: Net Neutrality

"Series of Tubes" Stevens is now pushing a cloture vote on Net Neutrality before this week's recess, according to Firedoglake.
Stevens is shooting for a cloture vote on Thursday and has plans to keep everyone in a lame duck session to force a vote on net neutrality after Congress is supposed to be in recess. (Firedog Lake)
In addition, Jim Webb has released a statement to MyDD on his stance on Net Neutrality:
The internet represents democracy in action and must be protected. More than perhaps any other medium, the internet provides an open and free marketplace of ideas and speech, as our founding fathers intended in the first amendment to our Constitution. The internet has been open and free since its inception, and it should remain open and free moving forward. Just as importantly, the blogosphere provides strong checks and balances on the corporate media and on governmental power. This is particularly crucial at at time of serious overreach by the executive branch, as we now are experiencing. Finally, there is a fundamental fairness issue at stake here. Given that the internet is increasingly indispensible to educational and career advancement in today's economy, it is essential that we keep it accessible and affordable to all Americans - not just to the wealthiest corporations and citizens. Allowing big telecom companies to provide preferential service to large content providers over the "little guy" is both wrong and undemocratic. For all these reasons, I strongly support net neutrality.
Finally, in case you didn't hear, the Series of Tubes Remix.

P.S. I e-mailed the Marie Johns (D - Mayoral, D.C.) Campaign to find out her position on Net Neutrality. She is the former CEO of Verizon, the telecom giant that spearheaded the anti-Net Neutrality, "Hands Off the Internet" campaign. Needless to say, I haven't recieved a response.


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