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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Update: Allen's Opposition to Net Neutrality

The Senator which I am volunteering to defeat, George Felix Allen, Jr. (R-VA), has issued an extremely misleading statement on his website on his stance on Net Neutrality. Felix was the member of the Senate Commerce Committee who cast the last vote on the Snowe-Dorgan Net Neutrality Amendment, deadlocking it at 11-11. Please click HERE for more details.

Speaking of Felix, the Webb campaign has recently learned that Felix "detests" his middle name. In response to the Webb campaign's insistence on using it every time Felix is mentioned on the Webb campaign website, the Allen campaign has apparently retaliated by pointing out that Webb is lactose intolerant. Ouch, that's cold.

P.S. I thank the new author who is joining me this week for pointing out the lactose intolerance thing.

If I had to describe Felix in one word... (click on the pic)...

More Information:

George Allen's Weasel-like Embrace of Discrimination on the Internet - MyDD
George Allen Casts Deciding Vote Against Net Neutrality - Raising Kaine


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