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Thursday, August 03, 2006

8/3 Quick Notes

Tomorrow morning, I am off to Rehoboth Beach, DE (where the Abramoff Scandal began) for two weeks of fun and relaxation with friends and family. Daily coverage of young voting issues and day-to-day operation of the blog will be handed over to Rambling Man in my absence. I may be able to do some blogging at the internet cafe or with a free wireless connection, if available. Rambling Man may also be going on vacation, but at sea. If he does, he will definitely not be able to blog for at least a few days.

Here are some quick notes:

1. "Series of Tubes" Stevens' cloture vote effort to kill Net Neutrality has failed. Story on Daily Kos.

2. Princeton University College Republicans playin' dirty to sway CT-Sen Democratic primary in favor of Lieberman. (This blog does not endorse either candidate in the CT-Sen primary). Story on Daily Kos.

3. Speaking of CT-Sen, I had recently posted a link to the blog, Firedoglake, in our links to the right. The owner and operator of that site, Jane Hamsher, recently published a doctored photo on her blog and on Huffington Post of Sen. Lieberman in blackface standing next to Fmr. Pres. Clinton in opposition to a flyer the Lieberman campaign distributed at black churches attacking Lamont's civil rights record. Jim Crow-era homages are, in my opinion, terribly inappropriate. Yet, Arianna Huffington of Huffington Post defended Hamsher's photo in today's Washington Post. I am thus considering the permanent removal of Firedoglake from the links menu, as well as all hyperlinks to the blog. Rambling Man must be consulted before I make any such decision, so the link may be up until I return from vacation.

4. Update: Sen. Santorum, with defeat imminent, is using desperate measures to thwart Casey's considerable lead. The Pennsylvania Green Party has received $66,000 of campaign contributions this year. All but $11,000 came from Santorum's supporters. As I have pointed out in the past, young voters are the most likely to vote for third-parties. Story on TPM Muckraker.

5. Dems managed to kill their own Minimum Wage Increase after the Republicans, in one of the most cynical things I have seen since the last time the Republicans did something heinously cynical, attatched a huge repeal in the Estate Tax and extended tax benefits for wealthy Americans. Story on Daily Kos.


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