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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Welcome to Virginia, Felix...

...the state whose populace will evict you from your Senate office, and send you packin', bags and carpets and all, back to SoCal or your Nevada Dude Ranch.

Last month, the polls showed that you lead Webb by 11 points. But you couldn't keep your mouth shut. You called one of my fellow Webb volunteers a "Macaca," an ethnic slur for an Indian-American. Perhaps you thought you could get away with it; you didn't anticipate that the person who was filming you on behalf of our campaign would actually bring back the tape that shows you committing a flagrant act of racial hatred. No matter, what's done is done.

But now you have to deal with what is done. You released a half-assed apology through your campaign. Through your campaign manager, Dick Wad(hams), you claimed not to know what a "macaca" is. You claimed that you made it up, that you arbitrarily babbled an anti-Indian-American slur to a person who just happened to be Indian-American. But we know that you're lying, Felix. You're well-versed in the language and ideology of hatred.

In fact, here's a clip of you in your singing debut:

Yes, Hurrah for racism and slavery! Speaking of which, Here's Wolf Blitzer's coverage of you calling S.R. Sidarth a "macaca:"

And now, let's discuss the fallout: Remember how I told you that you were 11 points in front of Webb in July? According to Rasmussen, that lead has been cut by more than half. Your lead is now 5 points, and under 50% of Virginians endorse your reelection. And Webb is gaining fast. This isn't just a short term spike in Webb support, you were ahead at one point by as much as 26 points, according to some polls. What could be driving Webb's success? The fact that he doesn't support Bush 97% of the time could be the answer. As Steve Jarding said to us Webb volunteers this month, "when one person agrees with another person 97% of the time, one of them doesn't need a job." For more ideas, I would check the cartoon above, it's pretty damn accurate to say the least.

And here's to you. Rather, here's to your running mouth. It's as good of a friend as an opponent could have in a democratic country.

More Information:

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